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Price with Confidence

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Are you...

  • Confused, stressed or wondering how to price your product or service?

  • Have been told to "price your worth", but what does that even mean?

  • So over guessing and hoping you are pricing your products or services correctly, and ready to price with CONFIDENCE!

Sounds Like Me!

“Thank you for all the info! You have taught me so much, I feel foolish for not running my business differently from the start”


“I learned so much and I am truly an empowered CEO. I take home a paycheck and run my business smoothly thanks to this program.”


Pricing with Confidence:
Pricing with Confidence is an hour + long masterclass  covering my two part pricing formula to ensure you never have to wonder about your prices again. Obtain a copy of my signature Pricing Calculator so you can remove the guesswork out of pricing your product or service.
Yes! I need this NOW
So, what do you get?

Use my signature pricing framework to take the guesswork out of pricing so you can confidently price your service and maximize profitable sales.

You will get...

  • Pricing for Profit - disclaimer: there are many ways to price...the problem is most people/business owners are not strategically and financially conscious when it comes to pricing which results in lots of issues. I will walk you through my data driven process on how to price your product or service.
  • My Signature Pricing Calculator - This plug and play system will help you price your product or service and remove any guesswork. 
  • Masterclass with Workbook: In this hour + masterclass you will walk away with the skills to price your offers for profit, so you can stop "hoping" you are doing it right. Plus a workbook so you have all the resources at your finger tips.
  • Lifetime access to the course because I freaking love you.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more guessing.

“You were exactly what I needed. I was ready to sell it, walk away, be done. I’m loving all the tweaking I’m doing.”



I'm Cheryl...

... a Profit Strategist, the owner of Saratoga Bookkeeping Services and the founder of the Empowered 2 Profit movement!

I have a Master's degree in Accounting, and have 10 + years’ of experience analyzing and evaluating the adequacy of books/processes for a variety of companies and government entities.

It has become my passion and purpose to empower  entrepreneurs to put more of their revenue into their personal account through financial clarity and prioritizing profit.

On a personal note, I am a wife, mom to two kiddos and I love my French Bulldogs. The desire to travel and adventure was the catalyst for this entire movement.


Are you ready to price your services or products with Confidence, and never have to guess or hope you did it correctly?

Yes, I'm ready!

Price with Confidence!


Top features

  • Hour + long MasterClass on how to price your products or services with confidence

  • Plug and Play calculator  to simplify the pricing process

  • Lifetime access to the MasterClass and any future updates

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